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The T4T Mission

Tags for Teachers, a Non-Profit 501c3, works directly with schools & educators by providing Spirit-Gear, Uniforms & T-shirts through a partnership with eleven30apparel.com.  Ultimately, for teachers that spend their own money ensuring our children are safe, secure, provided-for and happy, a monetary award and commemorative gift will be provided through our Love4Learning Program, helping our educators achieve their goals as not only teachers, but as intrinsic members of our communities.



Love4Learning Award

Tags4Teachers presents our “Love4Learning” Award Program. This program is designed to “spotlight” our most generous teachers.

About Tags4Teachers


There was an opportunity to help and that’s exactly what Jenell & Scott Harris have done. With five kids between them, going through the Palm Beach County public school system, they have seen the tireless efforts put forth by their children’s teachers. Day in and day out, these teachers ensure that our kids become the best versions of themselves, spending extra hours drumming up lesson plans and even spending their own money on supplies.

While on a cruise to Alaska, working on orders for the sister company PYRA Promotions, there was an article that came across Jenell’s Instagram feed. The article revealed a shocking statistic about teachers that don’t get reimbursed for expenses spent on their classroom or students. In many districts, the funds simply are not there to cover the expenses needed for our kids. But in true teacher fashion, for the love of our kids, they don’t hesitate to do what needs to be done. This one article spurred hours of discussion that eventually led to Tags4Teachers, a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

With the help of Eleven30Apparel and numerous corporate sponsors, Tags4Teachers will be able to #GiveBack to those teachers that give everything for our children. Our Board of Directors will be selecting award winners each month from submitted applications as well as finding other opportunities to simply GIVE to our educators.

Our Partners

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