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Syndie White

October 2020

Elbridge Gale Elementary
Nominated By: Karen Epstein

3 Words to best describe this teacher or faculty member


How does this teacher or faculty member demonstrate a caring consistent attitude toward all students?

Syndie always goes the extra mile to reach out to students. She creates fun and exciting ways to introduce herself into her content area making everything a fantastic journey. She taught during extended school year to special needs elementary students. Distancing learning is hard on everyone but our special needs population is especially hard hit. Syndie’s infectious energy and love for teaching and her students is not only inspiring her pupils but her colleagues as well. Just knowing her gives you a bit of her energy that makes you want to be a better educator.

Explain how your Nominee used their own money to provide for an individual or for their classroom/school needs. These efforts were done selflessly, requiring ZERO in return, except to make a difference in a life.

Syndie took on the job of distance learning over the summer with special needs students. To get them excited about learning she created special care packages for them and delivered them to their homes. Her theme was construction, so each student received a construction hat and related trinkets. When we talked about her special deliveries Syndie shared that it was a way for her to get to know her students and see where they come from. During virtual summer school we don’t generally know the students we are getting. We have classes for 5 weeks and having students excited about your class is a must have to keep them hooked on learning. Syndie does things like this all the time to keep her students engaged and to feel loved.

How does this individual demonstrate a passion for learning and teaching?

If you ever get the opportunity to watch one of Syndie White’s videos you know instantly she had a love and passion for teaching. She puts together videos to capture the her passion about a subject and then animates the screen with cool effects and backdrops.

What sets your Nominee apart from other educators?

Syndie is the kind of teacher you wish you had as a kid, the one you hope your child is lucky enough to have, the kind of colleague you want on your team, and the type of teacher who helps you hone your craft.